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Tasmeem 4
Tasmeem™ 4 is a set of Arabic enhancements for Adobe InDesign, Middle Eastern version for Arabic users.

Tasmeem turns InDesign, Middle Eastern version into the ultimate typesetting and design tool for Arabic.

Tasmeem allows designers to show the true beauty of Arabic script, while opening up new creative possibilities and affording new levels of productivity for advertisements, front pages, greeting and business cards.

Tasmeem also gives publishing professionals the tools to create sophisticated Arabic literary and academic books, as well as shape prose, poetry, create rings and catchwords on a large number of pages.

Automatic installation: a time limited edition of Tasmeem is automatically installed in Adobe InDesign CS4, Middle Eastern Version.

Discover the new Tasmeem high-quality fonts *, which have been developed to fit expectations from both modern and calligraphic designers.

* You need to purchase Tasmeem fonts separately. Keep the freedom to buy the typefaces you need.

Top features
  •  Seamless integration
  •  Arabic spacing
  •  Word shaping
  •  Text shaping presets
  •  Position Tuner
  •  Selection helper
  •  Rings
  •  Catchwords
  •  Tasmeem Characters
  •  Samples


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