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CorelDRAW® GRAPHICS SUITE 2021 (Windows/Mac)

A fully-featured suite of professional graphics applications to get the job done on any platform

Fuel your creative fire with professional graphics software—designed to get the job done. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 streamlines your design journey so you can “wow” them sooner, without compromising on quality. Find more time to focus on illustration with new perspective tools that accelerate project setup and creation. For multipage documents, CorelDRAW’s new flexible design space pushes productivity into hyperdrive with the ability to design, manage, and export pages and assets together in one view. Add progressive photo editing tools to your design arsenal with a totally transformed Replace Colors tool, new file format support, and a reimagined Corel PHOTO-PAINT adjustments workflow. With a true cross-platform experience across Windows, Mac, web, iPad, and mobile, CorelDRAW is your go-to professional graphic design software to deliver mind-blowing results more easily.

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For graphics enthusiasts and home businesses to satisfy all their design needs
Design for your passion with CorelDRAW Standard 2021, the go-to graphic design suite for hobbyists and home businesses. Create just about anything—from postcards and photo books to advertisements and web graphics—with trusted tools for illustration, layout, and photo editing. Packed with helpful video tutorials, discovery files, and other learning tools, everything you need to be successful is within arm’s reach. Discover quality creative content, like clipart and fonts, and 60 professionally designed templates to create flyers, posters, cards, and more. For results you’ll be proud of, choose CorelDRAW Standard.
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Value-rich vector illustration software for occasional graphics user and those just starting out

Create for the fun of it with CorelDRAW Essentials 2021—your affordable design toolkit for DIY graphics projects. If you’re new to graphic design, this intuitive vector illustration and photo editing software will have you creating invites, greeting cards, social media images—and whatever else sparks your interest—with complete confidence and ease. Design and lay out graphics in a user-friendly environment that provides more creative control than a basic design application. Add your unique touch to produce stunning visuals that are sure to impress.
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Painter® 2022 (Windows/Mac)

Professional digital art software
Create next-level results with trusted, professional digital art software. Sketch, paint, illustrate and produce unparalleled photo-art with hundreds of impeccably realistic artist-created brushes, superior blending, impressive textures, and an array of versatile art tools. With a powerful built-in Brush Accelerator, you can make the most of your CPU and GPU and optimize Painter’s performance with one click. Create your own brushes and other content, customize the UI, and find inspiration by sharing your content with fellow artists. Plus, expand your painting knowledge with a library of free learning resources and live webinars. Painter 2022. Anything but ordinary.

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Painter Essentials 8

Digital art made simple
Spark your creativity with Painter Essentials 8 – a fun and uncomplicated painting software for beginners. Sketch, draw, and paint away on a blank canvas using realistic Natural-Media brushes and unique art tools created by artists. Or simply transform photos into impressive works of art with powerful artificial intelligence or cloning tools. Take advantage of the easy-to-use interface, fast performance and built-in learning content that allow new artists to experiment and fall in love with digital painting.
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Beautifully animated. Simply uncomplicated.
Blur the line between photo and video with images that twist, twirl and flow. Let the magic of PhotoMirageTM effortlessly transform any image into a mesmerizing animation in a matter of minutes. Drag and drop Motion Arrows in the direction you want your image to move, and plot Anchor Points around the areas you want kept still. Bring it altogether with a preview to watch your photo come to life! Whether you want to boost social engagement, drive results on the web, or simply have fun with photos, PhotoMirage is your key to creating awe-inspiring photo animations that captivate, engage and transfix.

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Photoshop brush plugin that powers you with strokes of genius
Create one-of-a-kind effects with ParticleShop, a powerful NEW Photoshop brush plugin powered by Painter. Experience living grab-and-go Particle brushes that are easy to use with a pressure sensitive tablet, touchscreen or mouse and allow you to artistically enhance photos, designs and illustrations with strokes of genius. Explore an array of imaginative brushes, including debris, fabric, fine art, fur, hair, light, space, smoke and storm that will produce awe-inspiring results in no time. No experience, customization or time-consuming learning is required. Plus, the plugin is only the beginning; enjoy infinite inspiration with our extra brush packs.
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CorelCAD 2021 (Windows/Mac)

The professional, affordable, and simplified CAD software
Achieve outstanding results with CorelCAD™ 2021, an affordable collection of powerful 2D drafting and 3D design tools, purpose-built for architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and manufacturing professionals who demand precision. Turn visualization into realization on Windows and macOS, thanks to native .DWG file support for efficient collaboration and .STL support for productive 3D publishing. Produce high quality technical designs quicker with time-saving workflow enhancements — from how you create linear and circular patterns to how you work with dynamic blocks. Quickly compare CAD files, visualize multiple options for a project, better comprehend changes made by collaborators, and more, with the New Drawing Compare tool. For smart, cost-effective computer-aided design, choose CorelCAD 2021.
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CorelDRAW® Technical Suite 2020

Technical illustration and drafting software

In a world where details matter, CorelDRAW® Technical Suite 2020 is designed to connect the dots in all aspects of visual communication — from project creation and authoring, to collaborative review and output. Create detailed parts illustrations, assembly instructions, schematics, and other intricate visuals, with a comprehensive collection of professional applications for specialized technical design and documentation. From manufacturing and engineering to architecture and high tech, we’ve got you covered with timesaving new illustration features and game-changing collaboration tools to reach new levels of productivity. Create with even more control, thanks to the new Thick and thin line drawing mode and enhanced callout handling, and enjoy a faster, more responsive design experience with significant performance gains. For seriously productive, incredibly precise technical design and illustration, choose CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2020.

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AfterShot™ Pro 3

Uncover the pro photographer's secret to time-saving photo editing.

Edit faster, deliver higher quality images sooner and get back behind the camera where you belong with Corel® AfterShot™ Pro 3, the world’s fastest RAW photoediting software. Brand and protect your work with new Watermarking. Enhanced Highlight Recovery, including a range control, helps you regain more detail in overexposed images. Save editing time with new Blemish Remover tools, comprehensive batch processing and a new Image Preset Library—after all, time is money. Tailor your software to meet your needs by making your own lens corrections and plugins, and easily updating camera profiles. Powerful, affordable and subscriptionfree, AfterShot
Pro 3 is the fastest way to sort, select and perfect your photos.
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PaintShop® Pro 2022

Photo editing software
Get all the color and brightness you’ve been missing! From one-click fixes to advanced photo editing, PaintShop Pro 2022 makes it all happen faster with Artificial Intelligence powered features and more. Imagined for all skill levels and designed with multiple workspaces, you’ll find it easy to navigate and accomplish whatever photo task you need. Complete your visual story with a collection of graphic design tools to paint, draw, add text or build composites with layers and masks. A positive experience from start to finish, you can produce results that are as unique as your images. Real. Intelligent. Creative.

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PaintShop® Pro 2022 ULTIMATE

The Ultimate photo editing software

Get all the color and brightness you’ve been missing! From one-click fixes to advanced photo editing, PaintShop Pro 2022 Ultimate makes it all happen faster with Artificial Intelligence powered features and a bonus pack of premium software. All assembled with your specific needs in mind, the Ultimate-only features include Highlight Reel, MultiCam Capture Lite, Painter Essentials 8, Sea-to-Sky Workspace, PhotoMirage Express, AfterShot 3, the Corel Creative Collection, and the EXCLUSIVE ParticleShop 5-brush starter pack*. A positive experience from start to finish, you can produce results that are as unique as your images. Real. Intelligent. Creative.

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Photo Video BUNDLE

PaintShop Pro 2021 and VideoStudio Pro 2020

Capture life to the fullest with the dynamic duo of photo editing power and movie-making fun.
Capture life to the fullest with the dynamic duo of photo editing power and movie-making fun. Trust all your memories to the expansive Photo Video Bundle, featuring PaintShop
® Pro 2021 and VideoStudio® Pro 2020. This subscription-free combination delivers all the tools you need to flawlessly create striking photos, captivating movies, and compelling design projects. Make the most of professional, high-quality image editing tools for photo adjustment and composition, along with a variety of easy-to-use video editing features to bring your creative vision to life. This latest version delivers a faster, more feature-rich product that’s easier to use, and more creative than ever, all in one affordable package.
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WinDVD® Pro 12

Leading Blu-ray & DVD software
Bring Hollywood home with the leading video playback, Blu-ray and DVD software, Corel® WinDVD® Pro 12. From high-resolution 4K videos and HEVC (H.265*), to 3D video, DVDs and Blu-ray, enjoy a huge range of formats with stunning quality, Dolby sound and more. Intuitive controls in an updated, modern interface let you easily fine-tune video and audio. Plus, enjoy smoother playback with new 240 fps performance.
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VideoStudio PRO 2021

Video editing software
NEW Corel VideoStudio Pro 2021 makes it fun and easy to dive into video editing and create impressive videos in minutes using new creative templates and overlays. Tap into hundreds of drag-and-drop filters, effects, graphics, titles, and transitions, and explore playful new AR Stickers to add personality to any project. Leverage new styles of Instant Project Templates to recreate popular videos and generate social media stories in minutes! VideoStudio Pro 2021 is packed with intuitive tools to apply quick corrections, transform color, record your screen, edit across multiple cameras, and so much more! Discover fun, easy, and creative video editing and surprise yourself with what you can produce in NEW VideoStudio Pro 2021.
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VideoStudio ULTIMATE 2021

Video and movie editing software
NEW Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 makes it fun and easy to produce your best videos yet,with streamlined tools and new creative extras. Explore hundreds of drag-and-drop graphics, title sand transitions, and more than 2,000 visual effects —including exclusive collections from industry leaders. Recreate popular video styles and edit videos for social media in minutes with new Instant Project Templates—even add personality and enhance reactions with brand-new AR Stickers! VideoStudio Ultimate’s exclusive tools and optimized performance help you go beyond basic video corrections and grow your skills. Explore Ultimate-only features like video stabilization, split screen editing, color grading, video masking, and more! Dive into fun, easy and creative video editing and surprise yourself with what you can produce in NEW VideoStudio Ultimate 2021.
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WordPerfect® Office Standard 2021

All-in-one office suite and word processing software

WordPerfect® Office Standard 2021 introduces the latest version of the office suite supporting your everyday work needs—from crafting documents and presentations, to creating impressive spreadsheets! Publish your eBook, edit a PDF, import or export files in 60+ different formats, and more, all with this user-friendly suite. Whether you’re new to WordPerfect or you’ve been instrumental in shaping our enhancements through critical feedback, we’ve made it simpler and more intuitive to discover the tools you need to surpass expectations—including your own!
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WordPerfect® Office Professional 2021

All-in-one office suite
Depend on the trusted power of WordPerfect® Office Professional 2021 edition to create and deliver impressive documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more. With built-in PDF functionality, Reveal Codes, eBook publishing, and the Paradox database management system, you’ll find all the familiar tools you need to work more efficiently. Document management is made simple with support for more than 60 files types, including the latest Microsoft Office formats. The tools in this release have been specifically designed to streamline your most important workflow requirements. Whatever type of business you are in—legal, government, or enterprise—WordPerfect delivers the compatibility, power, and affordability you need to be successful in every professional environment.
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WordPerfect® Office Education 2021

Complete office suite for students and teachers
Get ahead of the class with compelling documents, persuasive presentations, dynamic spreadsheets, and captivating slideshows, all created with WordPerfect® Office Education 2021 edition. With a whole host of applications and features designed to make your life easier, you’ll find the support and tools you need to stay on time and on task. Open, edit, and save documents across 60+ different file types, all while leveraging familiar in-product resources and trusted training to answer product questions. Get the proven scholastic toolkit that students, educators, and faculty everywhere depend on to deliver their best work.
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WordPerfect® Office Home & Student 2021

The essential office suite to get your work done
Unpack the user-friendly toolkit in the new and enhanced WordPerfect® Office 2021 Home & Student 2021 edition. Deliver impressive documents, presentations, spreadsheets, reports, and more, and make each unique with the help of hundreds of free fonts and templates. Work with more than 60 familiar file types, including the latest from Microsoft Office formats, and streamline your email lists with time-saving templates that turn out letters, envelopes, and labels with ease. With a full suite of applications and features designed to make your life easier, you’ll have the tools and flexibility you need to work more efficiently with this affordable, all-in-one office suite.
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Corel® PDF Fusion

The all-in-one PDF creator toolkit!
Boost your productivity with Corel® PDF Fusion™, an all-in-one PDF creator that lets you assemble, edit and create PDFs. Open more than 100 different file types just by dragging and dropping them onto the Welcome Screen. Take pages from multiple files, including documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and combine them into a single PDF to share with anyone. Add new text, bookmarks and comments. Plus, convert files to PDF, PDF/A, XPS and DOC formats with just a click.
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