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arPix Professional
is a utility that allows users to work with Arabic in applications which do not support Arabic like Adobe Premiere.

Many graphic applications are Latin based and this sometimes limits the design of bilingual projects or ends up costing the user more time to work with Arabic text in a separate application and then transfer that text in a different format to the application used. 

arPix Professional is for only $99 and includes 10 fonts
worth $600.

With arPix Professional you get 10 Arabic fonts in two formats AGE and AGR, normal & flipped.



Grapheast offers over 110 fonts in arPix Professional format, from the Khotout collection (all GE fonts).

In addition, special prices are offered for site licenses. To request a quotation, e-mail Grapheast at

arPix Professional has its own font format. In order to achieve maximum benefit you need to use these fonts, it supports AXt fonts too, but is limited to a single line of text because of the AXt format itself.

If you need any other fonts converted to run on arPix Professional Grapheast will do that for you for a fee, providing you can show proof of purchase of that font.

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