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Suitcase Fusion

Your Creativity, Uninterrupted
Suitcase Fusion brings your entire font collection together in a single application, where you can organize fonts by projects and clients, ensure the exact fonts you need are auto-activated, and use document tracking to consistently and successfully manage your brand.

Features included in the Subscription
  • Manage all of your fonts in one place
  • Immediate and automatic access to all updates and new features for 12 months
  • Auto-activation with Adobe Creative Cloud applications
  • Auto-activation with Sketch
  • Document tracking, including for Affinity documents
  • Includes FontDoctor, a font corruption detection and repair kit
  • Instant access to the Google Font library of more than 2,200 fonts
  • Available for Mac and PC
  • Live chat and email support
  • Access to an extensive collection of knowledge base articles

Suitcase TeamSync

Manage and Sync Fonts Through an Easy Annual Subscription
Suitcase TeamSync extends the power of Suitcase Fusion’s font management functionality by providing font sharing capabilities with a cloud-hosted solution. Font collections organized by clients and projects can be shared with all relevant team members, ensuring each contributor has the exact tools needed.

Sync up and share your fonts across your team as soon as today. It’s easy to get started, invite and manage users, and keep up to date with upgrades when you subscribe to Suitcase TeamSync.

Every user subscription to Suitcase TeamSync also includes a license of Suitcase Fusion, so your designers can easily find, manage, activate, and organize their fonts — then ultimately, share them across the team.



Diagnose and Repair Font Problems
Fix common font problems automatically with FontDoctor, a software tool that diagnoses and repairs damaged fonts, including malformed and corrupt fonts. FontDoctor locates and eliminates hard-to-find font issues that can wreak havoc on your operating system’s performance and applications — keeping your font collection healthy, safe, and problem-free.

A long-standing industry standard for eliminating font troubles, FontDoctor can:
  • Scan fonts to locate and repair common font issues, including missing Postscript fonts, missing bitmaps, and corrupt or damaged fonts
  • Quarantine corrupt and malformed fonts for easy isolation and management of problem fonts
  • Generate, manage, and archive detailed reports about problem fonts
  • Weed out improperly organized font suitcases
  • Monitor fonts continually with automatic font problem detection

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