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Design :: Advertising

Design Secrets: Advertising
Lisa Hickey
ISBN 1-56496-663-1
Graphic Design, Advertising

9 x 12 in
208 pages
Hard Cover
$59.00 USD

In this fourth title in the Design Secrets series, each design project selected is shown in detail from concept to completion including all the steps in-between. This book presents 50 real-life design projects: original plans, sketches, interim drawings, and presentations each accompanied by informative captions that show how designers present their ideas, and solve problems. Each campaign in this book has one distinctive and creative element that sets it apart and makes it worthwhile to look at closely. For example, one campaign goes into detail about how the creative team came up with the idea; another goes into more detail on the use of a song in the campaign, and how that came to be; and another addresses a television campaign that relied heavily on special effects. Lisa Hickey opened Velocity, a Boston-based advertising agency, in 1999. Her past agency experience includes VP/Associate Creative Director posts at Arnold Worldwide, Creative Director positions at Heater Advertising and Holland Mark, and Art Director at Hill Holiday. She did the advertising that launched Lotus Notes -- and just months after the campaign ran -- Lotus was sold to IBM for an astounding $3.5 billion dollars. She has also worked on national branding campaigns for a diverse range of clients including McDonald's, Fidelity, Reebok, The Yellow Pages, and Polaroid. Lisa has won a host of national and international awards including Cannes and Clio. She has also taught advertising and graphic design at the Mass College of Art for the past 15 years.


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