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Colour Management Solution delivered by the specialists
Oris Color Tuner/Web brings you flexibility, speed, color management and proofing efficiency. Contact us for a free demo.

ORIS Press Matcher // Web
Cross-Fleet Color Accuracy and Repeatability

Now it is possible to reproduce, accurately and consistently, any type of print result on your digital press. Until now it has been challenging and time-consuming to achieve accurate and repeatable color reproduction, especially across multiple presses or in trying to match to offset printing. This is now a thing of the past.

Thanks to ORIS Press Matcher // Web you can now calibrate your digital presses easily and reliably and maintain a consistent print quality across the fleet. Today’s print production is the same as yesterday's – and tomorrow's.



ORIS Color Tuner // Web
Web-based Soft- and Hardcopy Proofing in one Package

The world's first proofing system providing web-based soft proofing and hardcopy proofing in one package!

Afraid of making the wrong decision in proofing? Don’t know whether to go hardcopy or softproof? CGS removes the risk of making the wrong decision by offering the industry’s only integrated hardcopy and virtual proofing system.

By combining the features of the two market leading products, ORIS Color Tuner and ORIS Soft Proof, into the brand-new ORIS Color Tuner // Web, CGS provides the ultimate flexibility in color proofing technology – from one package and with risk-free and reliable results.



ORIS Certified // Web
Simple and effective quality control for proofs, proofing systems and press sheets

ORIS Certified // Web is an effective and easy-to-use web-based color quality control system. CMYK color bars for SWOP, GRACoL, 3DAP, FOGRA and other standards can be easily measured and evaluated on any proof or press sheet. In-house printing standards and customizable color bars can be added. To verify spot colors, users can create their own color set by selecting from spot color libraries or entering Lab values.

ORIS Certified // Web measurement results can be output as a brief summary on a label or as a detailed report. All measurement results for the devices monitored are stored and can be used for analyzing trends and device performance. This allows the user to detect quality variations over a certain period of time. ORIS Certified // Web provides clear facts and helps avoid lengthy discussions about color issues.

Web monitoring brings all the data to any location that has an Internet-connection. Data can be analyzed for overall company performance and trends. View all job information throughout the production process from soft proof to proof to print. An included temperature and humidity probe constantly measures environmental conditions to ease the troubleshooting process.



ORIS Flex Pack // Web System
Finally: A Cost-effective Turnkey Solution for Flexible Packaging Proofing and Mock-Up Production.

Still using slow and expensive legacy systems for your packaging proofing needs? Then ORIS is your answer. Huge savings in consumables costs. And no dedicated operator required.

Like the world's leading digital proofing system ORIS Color Tuner // Web, the ORIS Flex Pack // Web software provides uniquely web-based hard copy and soft proofing in one package. At the heart of the application is our patented four-dimensional iterative color management software which, combined with a specially designed custom interface for Roland VersaCAMM VS series printers, gives you the ultimate in production flexibility for halftone and continuous tone proofing.

All printer features, such as multi-pass and print-and-cut, are supported and the included Pantone color libraries enable proofing of special colors, with the possibility of defining custom colors. Furthermore, the ORIS Flex Pack // Web software offers integrated soft proofing, proof certification and halftone support. Optionally available is a connection to the Esko® Color Engine spot color database.



Simply good.
That's ORIS Lynx.

Accuracy and repeatability are the key requirements of any quality colour print customer. Now you can achieve both - and save money - with a cost-effective and simple solution in the cloud - ORIS LYNX.

ORIS LYNX is the new cloud-based colour management tool for professional colour printers. With just a few clicks, ORIS LYNX delivers you colour accurate results that stay that way throughout the press run, day after day.
All you need is a web browser and a measurement device. No need to waste money on computer hardware, software or maintenance costs.


Colour management and stabilization
for commercial printers, service bureaus
and brand owners

Perfect colour, repeatable
over multiple devices and locations,
anywhere in the work

Extremely easy to use.
No added costs for computer hardware,
software or maintenance fees.

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